Picture1Tahoe Family Solutions Has Moved!

Tahoe Family Solutions has a new home!  TFS’ offices are located at 774 Mays Blvd #13 in the Village Shopping Center (Dress the Part(y)’s previous location).  New phone 775-413-5145.  


Shabby Chic Art & Wine Auction,  Aug 16

A shimmery evening at Aspen Grove featuring a silent auction of exclusive art, wine, jewelry, furniture.   Live music by Buddy Emmer Band and dinner catered by Gus’ Open Pit BBQ make for an unforgettable evening. Tickets $75 and are available online.

IMG_0985Camp Explore is in Full Swing!

Camp 2017 is going strong.  With an emphasis on backcountry camping, hiking, and nature time, the campers are challenging their bodies and minds.  Want to send a kid to camp, call 775-413-5145 and make a donation!





TFS Makes a Difference

Camp Explore is special place for children who are six to ten years old. It’s an extraordinary environment where children find a nurturing and supporting atmosphere that allows the child to grow, socialize, exercise, and spend time with role models that so many at-risk kids desperately need today.

Throughout each activity, the Campers learn about the delicate environment that surrounds them each day while they subliminally develop new physical, emotional, and social skills. In fact, it’s not uncommon for the Campers to bring their new appreciation for life back to their home life which, over time, strengthens the entire family.

Although the days are filled with activities, the Camp Explore environment is one that offers each child the opportunity to share their thoughts with other kids. Be it by a camp fire, at a Camp sleep-over or just hiking through the woods, the Campers are given the freedom to share their hopes and dreams within a caring and comfortable environment.