Homework Help Club


(First through Fifth Grades)

It’s always good to have a jump start in life, especially in a child’s formative years. That’s why we offer a ‘no cost’ Homework Help Club to assist 1st through 5th grade students who may be at risk of falling behind.  Through our daily tutoring, children get a better start in school that leads to a better future for all involved.

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Be it language barriers or lack of resources or other learning challenges, children throughout our community struggle with their studies and often need special assistance with their homework, particularly reading and math, to keep from falling behind.  Through Tahoe Family Solutions’ popular Homework Help Club, we are seeing our local children achieve what is expected at their particular grade level, and then some.

Support equals success.

We all know that a good start in school can be the most important step for at-risk students who tend to fall behind. Those who do fall back in their learning capabilities often bring their stress home which can tax the entire family environment. If there is a language barrier, the stress only magnifies as the parents fall short from being able to help their child excel. That’s where our Homework Help Club can help those who need it most.

Focused learning. Creative thinking.

Our caring and patient staff and volunteers work diligently with the students (on a three to one ratio) to help the children complete their homework assignments.

Homework Help Club Highlights

  • Students are referred to the program by their teachers at the Incline Elementary School.
  • This a volunteer tutoring program funded by Tahoe Family Solutions.
  • The service is free to those who meet the proper requirements.
  • The Club meets after the regular school day for 1 ¼ hours.
  • The students’ progress is measured before and after the program is underway.
  • Volunteers also reinforce positive behavior from Club members and play a part in identifying kids who need other Tahoe Family Solutions support through Camp Explore, Counseling and other enlightening programs.


  1. Visit Tahoe Family Solutions’ office Monday through Friday, 8:30 am – 5:00 pm.at the Donald W. Reynolds Community Non-Profit Center located at 948 Incline Way (between the Middle School and Recreation Center) in Incline Village
  2. Call us at 775 413-5145
  3. Send an email


To Incline Elementary School for generously donating the classrooms used by Homework Help Club students. Homework Help Club is possible through the kind support of local individuals and organizations who have donated their time and resources.