VITA Information (English)

Items to bring to your appointment:

(*Without these documents we will not be able to assist you)

  • Valid Photo I.D. for yourself and your Spouse (if applicable) *
  • Original OR Copy of Original Social Security Card or ITIN for ALL individuals included in your Tax return.*
  • All Tax documents (W2, 1099, SSA-1099, 1099INT, 1099DIV and any other Tax forms you may have)*
  • Any 1095 (Affordable Health Care Statement) received for health insurance coverage
  • Your most recent Tax Return
  • If you are due a refund and would like direct deposit for your refund please bring a blank check or a bank statement with your bank account routing and account number.

In addition, if any of the following applies to you, please be sure to bring the additional required documentation.


What to Bring


Self-employment income A list of your income and expenses, including the number of miles you drove specifically for your business last year


Education expenses for college or any other post-high school classes


Amounts paid to a school for tuition and fees (usually reported by the school on a Form 1098-T)

Amounts paid for books and materials required by the school for a class or for attendance at the school

Amounts paid for student loan interest

Amounts received in scholarships, Pell grants, and any other educational benefits that you were not taxed on (e.g. employer-provided educational assistance funds, veterans’ educational assistance or distributions from a Section 529 education plan as reported on Form 1099-Q)


Child care or dependent care expenses Documentation of the amount paid during the year and the care provider’s name, address and tax ID number (employer ID number or social security number) for each care provider


Individual Retirement Account (IRA) contributions


Amount contributed directly to an IRA for the year and the type of IRA account (traditional or Roth)


Paid rent in California for at least six months during the year Name, address and phone number of the landlord(s) to whom you paid rent on housing located in California


If you want might want to itemize your deductions because your deductible expenses were over $6,200 for the year ($12,400 for married couples filing jointly):


Documentation of all of the following types of expenses:

· Medical and dental expenses, including health insurance premiums, paid for yourself, your spouse if married, and any persons who may be claimed as a dependent

· Home mortgage interest

· Property taxes, sales taxes and income taxes paid

· Charitable contributions

Non-reimbursed employee expenses

You are not required to bring in receipts for all of these expenses, although receipts are helpful, but must at least be able to provide an accurate dollar amount paid for each type of item. Medical expenses can include the number of miles driven to and from medical and dental appointments.